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Bamboo Bay Resorts International
Bungalow On The Beach Executive Summary
June 1st, 2004






       Bamboo Bay Resorts International intends to create eco-village health resorts in six different countries. By having several available locations to choose from, potential residents will enjoy greater flexibility in their vacation choices. The six countries that have been chosen as possible destination resort locations are Bali, Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, USA and Thailand.

       Bamboo Bay Resorts International will create a physical environment where people will come together to experience state of the art technologies to strengthen and nourish the physiology; discover leading-edge nutritional products; and learn ancient techniques of meditation and yoga. Bamboo Bay Resorts International will conduct international symposiums inviting the finest scientist, inventors and world class entrepreneurs to come together to share their knowledge and experience in order to create a world of affluence and abundance for people everywhere.

       We expect that Bamboo Bay eco-village health resorts will create many spin-off cottage industries utilizing new technologies that will provide tremendous financial benefit to the local indigenous people living in the vicinity of our communities.

       Over the past ten years I have traveled to several countries in Central America, Russia and Southeast Asia. During my travels I have often wondered why so many people living in the United States on fixed limited incomes do not seriously consider the possibility of living in a tropical resort location in countries where they could live a much more comfortable and affluent lifestyle. In countries like Belize or Thailand it is possible to enjoy a high quality lifestyle for under $1,000 dollars per month. Imagine living in a lovely bungalow and enjoying the services of a cook and a maid for under $1,000 dollars per month. I know of people who live quite comfortably in Thailand on only $500 dollars per month.

       It is our intention to create an international community that will positively influence the direction of the new millennium. To date no one has created a kind of Club-Med approach to the health resort community. We will create a world class web site that will organize all of the health resorts and eco-resorts under one international umbrella. This website will give our potential guests greater diversity in their vacation choices.

       Initially a very fortunate core group of up to twenty five adventurous individuals will provide funding to acquire land and build a twenty five bungalow facility in each location. Each investor will purchase a Bungalow On The Beach for a heavily discounted price of only $45,000 dollars each. Each anchor investor will not only own their own Bungalow On The Beach but will also own shares in the entire project. The initial investors who are privileged to take advantage of this ground floor opportunity may expect to enjoy a very good return on their investment, in just a few years. Once this first phase of the development has been accomplished and an anchor community has been established, a second phase of development will be implemented to grow the community into a robust one hundred room resort facility that will generate substantial revenues.

       "Once considered the dalliance of the rich and famous, spa holidays are gaining favor with the masses. Now a $5 billion dollar industry, spas are striking a chord with people who want to reduce stress, enhance fitness, look younger, and feel better." (The Saturday Evening Post, Dec. 2001)


Lovely Villa Surrounded By Lush Tropical Vegitation


       The business model that Bamboo Bay Resorts International is using requires us to choose locations where land and local labor can be purchased or acquired relatively inexpensively. Both Belize and Thailand are countries where property close to the beach can be acquired at a reasonable price and local craftsmen are readily available. The business of developing resort locations can be very lucrative, if careful consideration is given to the desired location and developmental costs are managed efficiently. We welcome you to join the Bamboo Bay Resort Community.



Larry Todt, President

January 1997-2001

       In 1997, after 25 years as a general contractor and construction manager, Mr. Todt changed careers and took a position as vice president of business development for a venture capital firm in Malibu, California. For the next four years, while building upon a strong customer relations background, Mr. Todt raised more than three million dollars for clients and assisted in the business development of several new start-up companies.

       Mr. Todt performed the duties of project coordinator for several developmental stage companies while he coordinated the efforts of SEC accountants, attorneys and paralegal staff. As vice president of business development, Mr. Todt also handled customer relations for over one hundred and fifty investor clients.

January 2001-2003

       In January 2001 Mr. Todt , began working independently as a business development consultant. Since then, he has secured more than $10 million dollars in private equity funding commitments for his clients.

       As a practitioner of meditation and yoga for more than 25 years, Mr. Todt has always maintained a keen interest in the study of health and nutrition. Mr. Todt has been a qualified teacher of meditation and yoga for more than 20 years.

       Mr. Todt has a unique and diverse 25-year background combining customer service, fund raising, construction management, technical problem-solving and strategic thinking & implementation. These highly transportable competencies resulted in the raising of many millions of dollars for clients. Mr. Todt thrives on challenging assignments and enjoys working with teams of professionals.

Note: Resumes for the resort manager and resort architect to be added soon.



Bamboo Bay Resorts International
 Phase I Use of Proceeds 25 Bungalows , Office and Restaurant on 6 acres

  Phase Bamboo Bay Use Of Proceeds
 Amount (US$)
  I Business Plan Development Costs
$ 5,000
  I Web Site Development Costs
  I Site Location & Feasibility Study
  I Total Phase I Costs
  II Architectural & Consulting Fees
$ 65,000
  II Land Acquisition (6-10 Acres)
  II Total Phase II Costs
  III Site Development & Infrastructure
  III Total Phase III Costs
  IV Construction of Office & Restaurant
  IV Construction of 20 Bungalows @ $150k
  IV Construction of 5 Bungalows @ $20K
  IV Total Phase IV Costs
    Funding Commissions
  I-IV Total Project Capital Requirements

Eco-Village Guest Activities and Facilities

World Class Restaurant- Bamboo Bay Resorts International will serve organic fruits and vegetables grown on site in it's own gardens. Our restaurant will offer many vegetarian choices in addition to the local cuisine.

Spa Facilities- On site facilities for both Ayurvedic and traditional Thai massage will be available for all guests and residents.

State of the Art Business Center- For those who wish to stay in touch with family or business back home modern facilities will be provided for all your business and communication needs. Whether you require a work station for Internet access, Fax services or copy and printing services you will find everything that is required.

Snorkeling - The warm, tropical waters of the Andaman Sea are an irresistible draw to water lovers; there is no better way to explore this environment than to strap on a mask and snorkel and go for a swim!

Scuba Diving - Lapped by the warm, tropical waters the Thailand coast offers superb diving opportunities virtually year round, with several, well-protected marine parks.

Cultural Visits to Local Villages - The local villages are well worth a visiting, providing an informative and educational look into a completely different culture and its relationship with the land and wildlife.

Hiking and Jogging- Hiking or jogging along the numerous jungle trails can provide many hours of quiet adventure.

Cycling- Thailand is well known for it's international cycling adventures. Bicycles are often the most common form of transportation in many parts of country. Many people enjoy touring the countryside by motorcycle, as well.

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