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Bamboo Bay Resorts International
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Austin, TX 78745

June 1st, 2004

Hello Everyone,

During this past year I have been sharing with you my vision to create an Eco-Village
Health Resorts in a beautiful tropical environments. Many of you have been quite 
interested and even excited about the idea of actually living in a tropical resort 
community for several months or more each year.  I know how much you are looking
forward to having your very own "bungalow on the beach " in our first Bamboo Bay 

My dream is to build Eco-resort  communities in several locations around the world. 
Many months have been spent in researching different locations in a half dozen 
countries.  Now, is the time for all of us to come together and share our gifts and
resources in order to quickly manifest our desire to enjoy life in a resort community 

This dream is not just my own.  I am simply answering the deep yearning of many
others.  For the idea is ripe and the desire is strong.  It is really nature's desire and
I am honored that I am allowed to participate in this wonderful project.  Now, at 
this juncture in time, the participation of others is necessary in order to bring this idea 
to fruition.

In order to fund the next phase of the project, an extremely attractive 34% discount 
is being offered to the first two investors who purchase their bungalow.  The first two
members who join the bamboo Bay resort community will pay only $30,000 dollars
for their "bungalow on the beach ", instead of the regular price of $45,000 dollars.

This next $60,000 dollar round of funding allows us to engage the services of several
other professionals who are more skilled than I in the area of graphic arts, web page
design, real estate structuring and tropical resort architectural design.  Sufficient 
funds will also be available to travel to Thailand and Belize in order to begin the initial
stage in acquiring the resort property.

Please review the Executive Summary that I have created.  Hopefully, this summary
will give you a vision of possibilities. Then, please contact me and let me know if you
would like to become involved in this project.  You may respond by either calling
641-455-9634 or you may e-mail me at: I look 
forward to hearing from you soon.

Also, if you know of anyone else who you think might also wish to take advantage of 
this opportunity please have them contact me as well.

Very best regards,

Larry "Arizona" Todt

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