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Bamboo Bay Resorts International
Bungalow On The Beach Mission Statement
January 1st, 2003





       Bamboo Bay Resorts International was built around a common dreamů Live the life of a sport and adventure enthusiast while providing like minded friends and associates with great accommodations, amenities and the chance to explore untamed regions of jungle, fish in amazingly clear tropical waters and scuba dive and snorkel in some of the world's most spectacular underwater reef gardens. Imagine waking up every day in your own bungalow on a secluded beach enjoying fresh organic bananas, mangos, papayas and pineapples for breakfastů and then catching your own dinner on the beautiful and exotic coral reef that is just a few hundred yards from your own front door. If owning a Bungalow On The Beach in one of the most exotic tropical destinations in the world has been a personal dream, then continue to read on.

       "Any human being in any time or place has the right and the capacity to create their own reality. History describes persons again and again who in encountering the resistance of family, friends and neighbors, unlocked the chains of their own domestic harness and freed themselves from the condition of contrary. They did not attempt to fix others or condemn others as they departed their domestic harness. Nor did they judge and blame others as the way to make the world a better place. They simply walked out of the human story with its rules and understandings rooted in our collective beliefs and, without condemning anyone, created a new reality. In doing so, they inspired the world." (Rennie Davis in "Call to Humanity")

       For the past several years, my friends and I have been dreaming of building an eco-village health resort in several exotic tropical locations. Our desire is to attract an initial group of individuals who chose to be part of an anchor community which will grow into a first class eco-resort. But more than just the creation of a resort, we intend to create a community.

Bamboo Bay Resort's Vision of Possibilities

       "Every community creates a culture holding its values and customs. The community that nourishes respect as its culture unlocks an innate human potential able to send out an invisible influence into the world. In a community of respect, citizens embrace respect as their educational mission. Technologies are developed for their respect of nature and people. Businesses are created out of understanding the value of constantly renewing the qualities from which respect grows, creating an enterprise that is fertile soil for integrity, while inspiring others to contribute without ulterior designs. Respect involves engaging every activity with curiosity. Where curiosity has replaced the need to make others wrong, the mind become natural. Where the mind is natural, a person embraces life with an instinctive sureness. Respect is the mission to unlock the creativity of fellowship in the open. Where fellowship in the open prevails, divergent aims fall away and people can accomplish the task that is great." (Rennie Davis in "Call to Humanity")

       Some of my friends and I have traveled to Thailand several times in the past ten years and we have never felt so honored, so respected and so appreciated as human beings. Because of the Buddhist cultural background, the Thai people honor and respect the divinity in all things. The cultural environment of Thailand creates a fertile ground for planting the seed of our first eco-resort community.

Typical Two Story "bungalow on the beach"

      But why Thailand in particular? Can we not find what we are looking for in other places, or any of the thousands of dream spots around the world? Thailand is more than a place -. it's a mood. It's this mood that makes the country alluring to foreigners, and home to many thousands of expatriates. We all search for that place in the sun where we can find those things that appeal to us the most, whether it be our mental and emotional requirements or our physical and worldly needs. In Thailand you will find all of these.

Typical View From a Patio

       Look at the image that Thailand presents to the world. It's one of enchantment and excitement: a land of golden temples, with tiny bells tinkling in the breeze; a country with lofty mountains, tropical forests and endless offshore islands; a nation of smiling people and happy children, and monks in saffron robes moving in silent animation; a country interlaced with rivers and canals, called klongs, with rice barges, "rafts" of teak logs, ferryboats and river buses all gliding along in a kaleidoscope of changing colors. It's a Mecca for shoppers looking for the exotic, for superlative silks and gemstones, and intricately decorated objects; a country of tropical resorts with palms and white sand beaches; a country with great food. Did I say great food? The food is unbelievable.

Typical Open Room Interior

       For the expatriates living in Thailand, it's not the lack of love for one's home country, or the desire to flee from an unhappy home, nor is it for political, economic or social reasons, that brings them here. The reason might be more complex, but their motives are quite simple. It's not so much to escape as it is to find, and they find what they are looking for in Thailand.

Spectacular Ocean Views

      "The fires of youth may have burned down low. We may have reached mid-life or even beyond. But moments come when we still dream about it: an emerald green cove in the South Seas with our own yacht lilting at anchor; throbbing, libido-unleashed ports-of-call; a life free of niggling bosses and nagging children and nasty bill collectors. Yes, many people dream about it. "How few of us ever stop to realize that adventure is not something in the past. It's now. It's happening all around us, all the time. The challenge is knowing where to look. We turn to new horizons. Adventure awaits in South East Asia." (Harold Stephens, travel correspondent and writer for the Bangkok Post)

       For many people a typical house or cottage, in itself, may just be a structure or shell that is inhabited for the sake of finding comfort and shelter from the natural elements of sun, rain, wind, insects and animals. But, a home in a Bamboo Bay Community is a much different thing, altogether. Imagine living in a bungalow nestled in an exotic tropical garden. Imagine the pleasure of a leisurely stroll along the paths of your new community while enjoying the wonderful fragrance of fresh flowers and the delightful sight of luscious fruits hanging from the trees. Much time and effort is being devoted to the natural beauty of the grounds through the attention to detail in the planning of the gardens and landscaping. In a Bamboo Bay Resort community you will naturally wish to spend more time in pleasant outdoor activities while enjoying the exotic beauty of the lush tropical environment.

Typical Thai Style Bungalow

       Bungalows in our community, while being simple and elegant, will also be a bit more compact and efficient. This thinking concurs with the "smaller is better" philosophy in Sthapatya Veda and Feng Shui architecture. Smaller and more efficient dwellings set in individual clusters of seven bungalows or villas is the most recommended Sthapatya Veda design. Most bungalows will be between 700 to 1,100 sq. feet in size depending on whether they are one or two bedroom units. Larger villas are available upon request.

       Our first choice in choosing a location for an eco-resort is the country of Thailand. About half of those interested in purchasing a Bungalow on the Beach are attracted to Thailand because it represents an exotic far-away location. The rest of those interested prefer Belize because it is English speaking and it is in close proximity to the US. However, in order to honor our fiduciary responsibility to all of the potential investors we are evaluating several other potential location sites as well.

       For people who wish to have closer access to friends and family in the United States, a location in Belize or Costa Rica may be the ideal choice. Belize, our second resort location, provides many wonderful amenities for the establishment of an eco-village health resort community. Belize is just a two hour flight from either Miami or Houston. A fully staffed English military base provides a very stable economic and social environments. Belize, your true adventurers' paradise, is filled with parks and national reserves, intriguing tropical rainforests and majestic peaks. Plus, Belize offers a rich cultural mix ranging from ancient Mayan temples to laid-back fishing and diving, to the hustle and bustle of a busy capital city.

Executive Summary